Friday, February 17, 2012

JMUG getting closer!

 About a week left to prepare.  Yikes!
We're busy getting a mock booth setup and filling in the gaps.  Pressure's on.  But then, that seems to be when we do our best work.  Anyone else like that?
See the gigantic "A"?  That is an almost 5' wooden letter.  Awesome, or what.  We have 12 letters to pack and haul.  All together they spell Happy Holiday; but they look great by singles, or a variety of other words.          Happy?

Remember last time I mentioned organizers?  Here you can see a couple of them.  The tall one is to die for.  The orange and turquoise one is very unusual and eye catching.

This next week will be exciting.  Junk Market Under Glass, it's the place to be.


  1. Thanks Tricia! They are quite awesome! I wish there was a "B" but no such luck.