Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Junk Market Under Glass March Madness

Hi everyone! The time has flown since Christmas, where did January go? I know we were going to detail our 2011 Christmas trip....BUT....now I'm on to the next story....

Jenny and I are busy getting ready for our next show which will be March 1-3 at Junk Market Under Glass March Madness in Minneapolis. If you haven't been there, it is definitely worth the trip! The show is held under the glass of a huge nursery...Otten Brothers. It's actually in a suburb of Minneapolis...Long Lake.

Our colors this show will feature Romantic Home's Color of the Year "Wythe Blue" by Benjamin Moore, a pale turoquoise green.

We love color and plan to complete our palette with red, pink, turoquoise, and a touch of tangerine. Of course, galvanized tin, stainless steel, rust and aged ephemera are standard.

Found some more Adjust-o-Rite stools. Three of them, stainless steel tops, vintage...very awesome! Jenny just finished restoring a trunk with a galvanized top, painted Wythe blue...extremely cool.

I'm on my way to Arizona for a squeezed-in vacation. I'll be posting pics of our items to hopefully lure you to the awesome Junk Market Under Glass.

We'll talk soon!