Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 days & counting...

In five days, we will hit the road north.  This means...gulp...we have four days left to get everything done.  No problem!  My mom & I both have our lists and are feverishly working away.  Snapped a few photos today to show some of our progress...

We will bringing five of these awesome red
industrial ceiling lights.    

Check out the light in the turquoise and red bathroom I found on Pinterest...I'll take a bathroom like this...thank you very much!

We have a large number...(around 10)  of these great gloss white industrial pendant lights. 
Pure, crisp white...great for blending vintage with modern decor.

Another lighting ball basket turned Edison bulb pendant light...we have a bunch of these, too!

Another piece for the home office...36 cubbies all numbered and aged perfectly!

~ EAT ~
Look at this fun table!  I picture this in a sun porch or on a deck....ohhh...summer! 


Side note...we are in the middle of one of the most gorgeous snow storms.  The snow flakes are like tufts of cotton's gorgeous.  I'm not a huge fan of winter, but snow like this makes it all worth it.

Hope to see you next week at the Junk Market Under Glass March Madness show! Click on the link below to view the treat you will be in for!

Friday, February 17, 2012

JMUG getting closer!

 About a week left to prepare.  Yikes!
We're busy getting a mock booth setup and filling in the gaps.  Pressure's on.  But then, that seems to be when we do our best work.  Anyone else like that?
See the gigantic "A"?  That is an almost 5' wooden letter.  Awesome, or what.  We have 12 letters to pack and haul.  All together they spell Happy Holiday; but they look great by singles, or a variety of other words.          Happy?

Remember last time I mentioned organizers?  Here you can see a couple of them.  The tall one is to die for.  The orange and turquoise one is very unusual and eye catching.

This next week will be exciting.  Junk Market Under Glass, it's the place to be.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Office Organizers, Desks, Stools

 Half of our booth at Junk Market Under Glass in March will be set up for home office ideas, organizers, desks, and chairs. 

The vintage desks have sleek sanded metal tops and are adjustable in height, just by using a little crank under the top.  The stools are stainless steel, vintage, and adjustable...called Adjust-o-rite Stools.  Fabulous!  

We're bringing a few wooden finished vintage totes, file racks, and locker baskets...good to stash anything in.


Did I tell you about our other half of the booth? Are you in???  out???

 Next post...stay tuned!  




Thursday, February 9, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

What a find!  Yesterday I found a new place to shop called Green Table Gifts in Chandler, Arizona.  Met the store owner, Patty, who was fabulous.  The shop is half vintage and half repurposed itemsaaw, all updated with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Aren't the slipcover shirts darling?  They are shirts or blouses trimmed to fit the seatbacks, pockets and all.


My daughter Jenny has had her eye on finding some of this paint for a while.  I happened to be vacationing in Arizona, did a Google search, and voil-la!


Patty knows all about the paint and gave me a demonstration using the newest color called Antoinette...a very pale pink.  She had painted a fancy dresser with it, didn't look like much until she added the magical wax, Annie Sloan wax, of course.  And, it truly was magical.  The paint gained depth and texture.  Beautiful.  I was hooked.


Biggest problem was...what color.  So, I picked out several, way more than I planned on!  Had to have the waxes too.  Can't wait to get home and start painting.