Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Office Organizers, Desks, Stools

 Half of our booth at Junk Market Under Glass in March will be set up for home office ideas, organizers, desks, and chairs. 

The vintage desks have sleek sanded metal tops and are adjustable in height, just by using a little crank under the top.  The stools are stainless steel, vintage, and adjustable...called Adjust-o-rite Stools.  Fabulous!  

We're bringing a few wooden finished vintage totes, file racks, and locker baskets...good to stash anything in.


Did I tell you about our other half of the booth? Are you in???  out???

 Next post...stay tuned!  





  1. Oh gosh... too cute!! How much for that pale blue file/paper holder on right with numbers painted on side??? IS it even for sale yet?? :)

  2. Hello ladies...I just hopped over from the JMUG website. I'll be a vendor at the March event too...can't wait :) Laurel

  3. Congrats ladies on being a part of the JMUG event. I think I met you a couple of years ago at Junk Bonanza and talked to you a bunch and gave you some information. You were such sweet ladies and I think I may of seen you again this past year, and your husband was making oodles of trips back and forth to the car for you? Is that you guys? If so, how exciting as you are going to be set up right behind my vendor space. Would love to chat with you a bit if you could email me.
    Excited to be your neighbor at JMUG....
    Gretchen Schaumann
    Mimi-Toria's Designs