Monday, March 14, 2011

How Sweet Is It?

It went like a breeze.  And the chippy piano is now sitting in my house.  I love it.

Dad came over tonight and played a few songs, even sang a little.  It made every piece of that $12 worth 12 times over.  I even taped a little segment for you. Talk about sweet.

The thing needs a little work.  I swear it sounded like heaven in the warehouse, now it's a little out of tune.  My $12 piano will probably require a $200 tuneup.

For those of you who are wondering how my husband reacted...not too well.  And, not too bad.  I guess he's just so used to the interruptions, he doesn't get too excited.  And that's okay with me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Got Bumped

Didn't work out on Monday, so Thursday's the day now...another Habitat day for my husband Jack.

Been looking for music to play.  I think my first song will be "Those Were the Days", Archie and Edith's song.  I imagine that Jack will be sitting in his den watching Alien and I'll start playing the song.  I won't sing.  Just smile.

I picture myself being the hit of the party.  Whipping out all the tv show theme songs.  Everone will be laughing and remembering them and singing.  I'll be playing them one after the other, no breaks, smiling away, my hands will be flowing over the keys.  Of course, I'll never have to look at my hands.  I'll be able to weave and bend with the rythm.

I'll take a photo of the new piano for you.  It's a Cable-Nelson studio piano used for music classes at the university.  The black laquer has taken a beating, but the sounds ring clear and really deep.  It's beautiful.

Dad has asked me everyday if I got my piano. Did I mention he and Mom live directly behind me? He can't wait to take a look.  That alone makes the interruption worth it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Chippy Piano

My sister-in-law says that our husbands (me and my daughter's) never lead a dull life and they have us to thank for that.  Thought I'd let you in on my pending interuption to any sort of a dull life.

Went to the local university excess supply sale Thursday, not expecting to need to buy any more chairs to paint, metal desks, or old metal wastebaskets.  We already have a double garage full.  So as I scanned the usual pile of old computers and computers, I swept by the perimeter of the warehouse and tucked back in the corner, spied a lacquer black upright piano. 

I flashbacked to walking 7 miles in the blizzard the age of 7...for those unrelenting piano lessons.  Mrs. Day lived in tiny yellow cottage, smaller than that double garage now full of junk.  She defined picturesque... little old lady with her updo and flowered dress, who's piano took up literally half of her living room.  I never practiced, but always pretended like I did. 

All of a sudden I  was a pending maestro.

My dad plays the piano beautifully.  My favorite is his rendition of the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys.  He can't read a note.  Learned to play while he was a typist in the Army during the Korean War.  For years he has entertained the family with his lively jivin' music...always interspursed with another of his favorites, Rock of Ages. All by ear.  I can do it.

I tried to find the price tag.  No tag.  I hurredly tracked down Abe Vigoda for the nitty.  $12?  Sold.!  Now what?

I'm always amazed at what I can bring into the house and my husband, Jack, never notices until weeks later.  But a piano?

Stay tuned.  My plan is to rush up Monday with my son, another Jack who's not too thrilled with my purchase, load it up and get it into the living room.  Cover it up.  And hope Jack, my husband, stays at the Habitat at least til noon.