Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Got Bumped

Didn't work out on Monday, so Thursday's the day now...another Habitat day for my husband Jack.

Been looking for music to play.  I think my first song will be "Those Were the Days", Archie and Edith's song.  I imagine that Jack will be sitting in his den watching Alien and I'll start playing the song.  I won't sing.  Just smile.

I picture myself being the hit of the party.  Whipping out all the tv show theme songs.  Everone will be laughing and remembering them and singing.  I'll be playing them one after the other, no breaks, smiling away, my hands will be flowing over the keys.  Of course, I'll never have to look at my hands.  I'll be able to weave and bend with the rythm.

I'll take a photo of the new piano for you.  It's a Cable-Nelson studio piano used for music classes at the university.  The black laquer has taken a beating, but the sounds ring clear and really deep.  It's beautiful.

Dad has asked me everyday if I got my piano. Did I mention he and Mom live directly behind me? He can't wait to take a look.  That alone makes the interruption worth it.

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  1. Find and have your flip ready for whenhe sits down to play!!! Please...