Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The weekend at Kris Kringle's tree farm was just plain great...great people, great smells of cookies and pine, great holiday cheer...not such great weather (on Sunday anyway).  It's always such a jolt to the system that first cold, cold windy day. 

As promised, I have taken some more pictures. Somehow, Danny & Andrea (the tree farm owners) eluded the camera...but aha, I plan to be back!  I will post more pics as the weeks go by.  The tree farm is open until Dec 18
so I have plenty of time.

The warming shed

Nile - Andrea's dad - loaded up with saws

Cutting up wood for the fire pit outside and wood stoves for s'mores!

Kris Kringle's Tree Farm Workers...busy bees...
sorry I didn't get their names.  :(

Warm fire...a must

Kyle, now that's a pose...

Tree Bailers

Kris Kringle's Mascot - Zeus

And now for indoors...

More Kris Kringle's Tree Farm Workers...more busy bees...Tara

 Julie - Andrea's mom...busy making the workers lunch...actually I think she's making brownies here.  :) 

Heidi - helping with the brownie frosting!

Come on out! Hope to see you!

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