Thursday, April 12, 2012

oh poor blog...

Our blog hasn't gotten any love lately!  Our attention has been elsewhere...we jumped into the current century and created a Facebook page!  We haven't figured out how to post to both simulataneously...(any hints would be much appreciated). Anyway, while we figure FB out and ready ourselves for Junk Jubilee...I think our poor blog will just have to wait.  Visit us on our new page...

Here's a sneak peek of an item I just completed revising...scrapbooker/crafter's dream. It's a cabinet organizer...97 cubbies (each slot is just over 13" wide and 15" deep). It's 6' wide and 5'6" tall and 16" deep...and this big baby is coming with us to JJ...(thank goodness it's on casters)! Done in Annie Sloan Emperor's Silk. 

And by the way...oh, Annie, how we love you! 


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