Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving On Up

Oh, have we been busy since Junk Jubilee! We're busy getting ready for our next show in Fountain, MN - Vintage Treasures Market with the Pfarkel Sisters, June 17-18. It is sure to be an excellent time! Soon I will post pics of the projects we've been working on. We are having so much fun!

In the meantime...we're moving on up...to a deluxe apartment in the sky...(loved that show)...anyway...back on track...we purchased a trailer...NO MORE RENTALS! We've been searching for some time on Craigslist, auction sites, etc. and we finally found just what we were looking for.

Isn't she pretty?  Can't wait to "junk.revised." her all out! 
We'll talk soon...Jen


  1. Love your stuff and your style!!!! It was so fun to see you in Fountain today!!